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Real Estate Valuation and Consulting for Litigation Support, Mortgage Financing, Property Tax, Foreclosure, 
and Bankruptcy for Property Owners, Attorneys, and Lenders.

Property Tax Policy Consulting, Legislation Review, and Tax Appeal Support for State and Local Governments.

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Fee Schedule

     Naturally, fees for real estate appraisal, consulting, or expert testimony will vary depending on the complexity of the property, the nature of the assignment, and the time necessary to complete the project.  Please call, email, or use our contact and fee quote page to inquire about the specifics of your consulting, appraisal, or valuation needs.

     Generally, our fees are inclusive of most expenses except for out-of-pocket travel or unusual data or photocopying requirements.  Typically we supply the client with three original copies of the appraisal or consulting report, unless otherwise requested.  

<Fees for Residential Tax Assessment Appeals may be found by clicking here>

    Here are some general fee guidelines that might help you:

Mortgage Financing


     Single-family residential

$350 and up for a form report Fees will be greater for properties over $600,000, acreage tracts, and custom-built or unusual properties due to the added complexity of the assignment.  If requested by the client, we can also produce a narrative report; the fee will reflect the additional project time needed to complete a non-form report.

     Commercial or non-residential

$2,500 and up


(Please note:  For mortgage financing, a narrative appraisal for a complex income-producing property typically starts at $3,500.)



Litigation & Expert Testimony

     Single-family residential

$975 and up

     Commercial or non-residential

$3,750 and up


(Please note:  For litigation, a narrative appraisal for a complex income-producing property typically starts at $5,500.)



Reviews of Other Appraisers’ Reports

     Desk Review for Mortgage Financing

          Single-family residential

$300 (for review of a form report)

          Commercial or narrative

$750 and up



     Desk Review for Litigation Support

          Single-family residential

$750 and up (for review of a form report)

          Commercial or narrative

$1,250 and up


Field reviews and testimony resulting from a review is also available.  Please click this link <Appraisal Review Assignments> for additional information and a more detailed fee schedule for appraisal reviews.


Additional fees for each of these service categories, charged at our hourly rate, would apply for depositions, courtroom appearances, travel and/or “wait” times, client meetings, and/or additional research or analysis post-completion of the narrative report.






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