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Unusual Properties From Around the Country  (and, no -- I have not appraised these!)

If you have any unusual property pictures to share, please email them to us by clicking this link: Email

Please let us know if you want your name attributed to the picture you submit or not, and where the property is located, too!  

Click on each thumbnail picture for a larger one to appear in your browser window.  Then just click the "Back" arrow to view the rest...

An island home in Tampa Bay


Glass_Aframe_House.jpg (157192 bytes)

Glass house within 100 yards of the San Andreas Fault.  Can you find the bathroom?


The Chemosphere House in the Hollywood Hills.



Fire_Plug_in_Driveway.jpg (81290 bytes)

Functional Obsolescence?  Check out the fireplug in the middle of the driveway.

Picnic_Basket_Offices.JPG (237735 bytes)

Corporate HQ office building of Longaberger Picnic Basket Company in Ohio


The Shoe House in York, Pennsylvania


This home used to be a grain elevator in Evansville, Minnesota.  Yes, the exterior walls are galvanized steel.


Tulsa_OK.jpg (73655 bytes)

The "Flintstone" House in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

(Submitted by Hayden Harrison, Springfield, Missouri)


Jasper_AR.jpg (169600 bytes)

A Cave House in Jasper, Arkansas 

(Submitted by Hayden Harrison, Springfield, Missouri)


Sandstorm_in_Texas.jpg (20929 bytes)

Not the ideal time for a property inspection!  A sand storm in Texas (Submitted by Walt Humphrey, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida)


Windmill House


Rock_House_Burns_Oregon.jpg (31028 bytes)

Rock house located about 40 miles west of Burns, Oregon.  

Submitted by Curt Drahn (Redmond, Oregon) and Ken Rossman (Wantagh, New York). 


Leaning_School_House_Oregon.jpg (138720 bytes)

Leaning School House (notice the water heater in the doorway!).  

Submitted by Curt Drahn (Redmond, Oregon) and Ken Rossman (Wantagh, New York). 



Wet Basement?  

(Submitted by Ken Rossman, Wantagh, New York)

mobile_home.jpg (44339 bytes)

A true mobile home!


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