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Skolnik Real Estate Consulting Services

Real Estate Valuation and Consulting for Litigation Support, Mortgage Financing, Property Tax, Foreclosure, 
and Bankruptcy for Property Owners, Attorneys, and Lenders.

Property Tax Policy Consulting, Legislation Review, and Tax Appeal Support for State and Local Governments.

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Martin A. Skolnik, MAI

Martin A. Skolnik, MAI

President -- Principal Consultant -- Appraiser



Over 29 years experience in real estate valuation, property tax assessments, and taxation policy.

Former Director of Real Property Taxation for the District of Columbia.

Former Assessor for the State of Maryland.

Recipient of the prestigious MAI appraisal designation from the Appraisal Institute.

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Consulting Services Include:

Real Estate Appraisal Reviews (local, regional, and nationwide)

Real Estate Valuation for Litigation

Property Tax Assessment Appeals Consulting and Strategy for Government Entities and Property Owners

Real Estate Valuation for Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning

Appraisal Review for Mortgage Financing or Litigation

Appraisals for Mortgage Financing 

Appraisals for Mark-to-Market and other Asset Management Purposes

Public Policy, Legislation Impact, and Best Practices Consultation for Real Property Taxation


Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Multi-family, Retail, Office, Healthcare, Hotel/Motel, Residential Homes, Acreage, Special Purpose Properties





Experience and Judgment
Quoted from L.W. "Pete" Ellwood, 1970

"I believe experience can teach lessons which may lead to sound judgment.  I believe sound judgment is vital in selecting the critical factors for appraisal.  But, I also believe the bright 17 year old high school student in elementary astronomy can do a better job estimating the distance to the Moon than the Old Man of the Mountains who has looked at the Moon for 80 years.  So, I find it difficult to accept the notion that dependable valuation of real estate is nothing more than experience and judgment.

I would not give a red cent for an appraisal by the 'expert' who beats his breast and shouts; 'I don't have to give reasons.  I've had 40 years experience in this business.  And this property is worth so much because I say so.'

After all, value is expressed as a number.  And no man lives who, through experience, has all numbers so filed in the convolutions of his brain that he can be relied upon to choose the right one without explicable analysis and calculation."


From: Ellwood Tables for Real Estate Appraising and Financing, 1970.


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